2003 Haiku Challenge

Andrew Watt proposed that we each write a weather/day/night/emotional state/weather haiku each day during the month of December. I suggested extending the project to cover the period from Thanksgiving through Epiphany. Below are the results of my efforts. I hope you enjoy them.

11/27/03 - Thanksgiving Day
Will the outpouring
Of our thanks this day be more
Than just memories.

Friends and family
Surround this table of thanks
With love, grace and life.

Wet mild and gusty
Dawns the day after our thanks
Bells too sing out their blessings.

11/29/03 - Trash Bag Party
Wind blows through my sleep
Pushing broken dreams away
Pulling toward dawn.

Yard full of black birds
A startling sight to behold
Or were they starlings.

Willpower falters
When might bes and could have beens
Push away the now.

Tomorrow finds me
Broken down over the losses
I have never known.

Height does not confer
Wisdom or insight to those
Who choose not to see.

Sharp pain will follow
On the tail of morning toil
Performed without thought.

A dusting of white
Covers our imperfections
With tranquillity.

Cold wind chills the bone
Headache pushes pleasure down deep
Find warmth in a kiss.

Stars hang heavy overhead
Pinpoints of heavenly beauty
An ever-changing show.

Daylight is hidden
Behind a changing scene
The clouds rush forward.

Wind from northwest brings
Frozen precipitation
Covers up fall leaves.

To be young again
Snow days, school breaks and teen angst
Oh wait, never mind.

Clock ticks away time
Seconds are lost forever
Days end fails to come.

The first moment home
He lept from dock into lake
Refound his lost youth.

Discordant echoes
Bell rings beside sealed bucket
Hark the herald sings.

Fog fills the roadway
Blinding the sight; hiding things
Better left unsaid.

Sadness fills this night
Unknowable the weight
Broken dreams brings tears.

Family exists
In many places and times
We are bound by love.

Voices raised in song
Gives beauty wings to soar high
Lifts and frees the soul.

Behold this empty weight
Compressing fallen snowfall
Into sheets of pain.

Barren evergreen
Now holds ornaments and lights
Transformed by your hands.

Pathways intersect
Fans spin against slow breeze
Heart beats out the song.

The sound of warm air
Forces voices louder still
All nuance is lost.

This tree shimmers bright
Not from lights hung with great care
Rather from soft love.

Rain drops have fallen
Frozen ground fails to absorb
Forest under ice.

Attention is drawn
To the safety pin attached
On a cute guy's shirt.

Days grow longer now
Light is reborn from the night
A solstice moon rises.

Paper, tape and bow
Cover up the physical
The gift remains clear.

Do we understand
The influence of the stars
No, they conspire still.

Branches clack, snap and fall
Time moves slower now as I
Hold you in my arms.

Each winter we seek
To refind deep peace within
Joy awaits us still.

12/25/03 - Christmas Day
Rejoice oh angels
Shout for joy all holy servants
Salvation has come.

Joy overfills small frames
Pouring out in smiles and glee
Wrapping paper flies.

Teaching is more fun
When the partner is willing
Learning is fun too.

The clan is gathered
Bound one to the other by blood
Tolerance is strained.

Released from constraint
Free to choose another path
Choose nothing instead.

Drudgery fills time
Point, push, react, create
Delight in new light.

Relax and renew
Are the only plans this day
Oh and maybe tea.

12/31/03 - New Year's Eve
Gentle strokes fill in
What a strong hand has overlooked
Building up a sweat.

Time is fleeting still
As page turns and cycle ends
Mystery lies ahead.

01/01/04 - New Year's Day
New day brings sunlight
To fields bent low when covered
How lovely the wind.

As cycle repeats
The old is renewed with ease
Erasing past mistakes.

Ice forms beyond reach
As fire gives birth to bliss
Cold breeze is welcome.

Prodigal returns
Voicing change in morning song
Handsome words exposed.

Begin the building
Golden, red and tragic too
Span and ease the path.

01/06/04 - Epiphany
Three kings bearing gifts
Useless except for the gold
Revealing moment.

Wolf Moon crawls forward
Pale light reflecting on grass
Coated in frozen grace.


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